If we are generally speaking for the boys, when it comes to wallets … the more compact, the better. I mean, all you should really need in life is a $20 for emergencies, debit card, credit card, and your ID. Right? It should be that easy. Well, I’m going to introduce you to a game changer when it comes to wallets. The Taxi Wallet.

photo by Vanessa Minnis
photo by Vanessa Minnis

The Taxi Wallet has actually been around since 1987, but as they always say, “good design never goes out of style.” The wallet is 4″ x 3.5″ wide, and is truly made to help you keep the important things in life together.

It’s got an inside flap (the one sticking out of my jean pocket above) that’s made to store the important cards you carry everyday (like your driver’s license and debit cards) along with a grip of change. If you open it flat, the bill fold reveals two flaps where you can divide your big bills to your small ones … or if you happen to be traveling internationally, then you can keep your currencies apart! The many pockets and features of this wallet may be overwhelming, but after incorporating the wallet into my everyday, the design is impressive.

photo by Vanessa Minnis
photo by Vanessa Minnis

These wallets come in a range of fun and stylish materials, I got this one out of their Gallery Collection (which is also vegan for all you animal conscious people out there). I love it because it’s an homage to San Francisco, and it’s fun to represent where you’re from if you happen to be traveling (or even if you are at home)!


Make sure you add the Taxi Wallet to your collection via the Alicia Klein website.


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