Since yesterday was Saturday, it was a day that I destined to have no agenda. I mean sometimes, you’ll want to plan the weekend…but sometimes, you want to leave all that planning to the weekdays! There was naturally a quest for sleep, but once I woke up at about 10am this morning, I thought about “What delicious thing am I going to have today?”

It should definitely be something sweet…

Tout Sweet Patiserrie’s original location is on the 3rd Floor of the San Francisco Macy’s on O’Farrell Street. With its successes, a new location of Tout Sweet Pâtisserie opened at the end of last year in Town & Country Village in Palo Alto. When I found that this second location was opening closer to home, my face was immediately all smiles (while my waistline was immediately all tears) …


Tout Sweet Pâtisserie is helmed by Top Chef: Just Desserts winner, Yigit Pura who is originally from Turkey. And beyond being the only man I would willingly get in an industrial freezer with, (you’ll see why here – he’s definitely a Turkish delight, if you know what I mean) I was drawn to his desserts for their creative use of design and color. Whether it be a macaron, a cake, or a tart, his aesthetic gives every dessert a bit of whimsy, character, and lots of personality.








The new location itself is pretty small. It runs about 700 square feet with no seating (unlike the San Francisco location). But the spot is still bright, cheery, and gives the same ambiance that lets you know everything in life was made to be sweet. I had a lot of fun checking out the other pastries, but I had my mind on macarons.





I made it out of there with a clutch of macarons ($14) which had me choose 6 of them. Life is definitely full of hard decisions, but in this case, I decided on: Salted Caramel, Lemon Yuzu, Peanut Raspberry & Jam, and Sour Cherry Bourbon. Generally speaking, you can’t eat macarons by yourself, you should share them with someone. So paired with some Chandon, this then became a lazy Saturday brunch at Vanessa’s.


And naturally, the dog wanted in on some of the sweetness…


P.S. Yigit is also the author of Sweet Alchemy, a fantastic cookbook that I was able to add to a friend’s collection last Christmas. It made a wonderful gift. You can also check it out while you’re there and pick up a copy if you’d like.


Tout Sweet Pâtiserrie is at 855 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA. It is located on the Trader Joe’s side of Town & Country. They do ship a variety of goods (including macarons) from their website.

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