Sparkling Sequin


I first met Vanessa when I was doing marketing and event consulting for a consignment store. We were launching an anniversary party and I was looking for a Bay Area style tastemaker to partner up with to give me some press for the event. I surfed the internet for quite awhile, and wasn’t stunned with anything i saw until I stumbled across Shopping, Saving, Sequins. The other blogs I had found were displaying trends, but they weren’t translating those trends into their own personal style. And here was this girl from Mountain View, California that made want to click next, next, and next on her blog.

Years later, we’ve become friends. Blogger was always something I wanted to add to my “Oh hi, my name is Kim and I am…” but I never conceived of how, what, or where to start. And as I started to connect the dots to bravely bring Daoism to the world, I thought a good place to start was the friend that applauded my opinion and subconsciously challenged me to share my voice as a writer and a blogger.


How does this sequin exactly sparkle, you ask? Well I had five chances to find out…

What’s the one essential item to have to be stylish this upcoming spring season?
What? You mean besides a flower crown? You’ve gotta have a flower crown. But ummm, I’ve been hankering for a white leather backpack.
Tell me a good New York Fashion Week story.
Well, my most memorable Fashion Week has to be last September. Lincoln Center beefed up security and cut down the invite list in an effort to cut out a lot of the riff raff. Designers and editors had been complaining that NYFW was turning into a circus. But, somehow, some way, I was able to sneak my bestie Rachel in to most of the shows I went to. Never underestimate a Jersey girl’s determination. We had the best time. After a full day and night of shows, exhausted doesn’t even begin to explain us. But it was worth it. I mean, what’s Fashion Week without sneaking your bestie into a few shows?
So as you are the queen of sequins, this question has to be asked. People can easily overdo sequins, what are some tips to always keep them in style?
Easy. If you’re wearing sequins (day or night) lay off on everything else. So, no chunky, bold jewelry. Instead opt for diamond stud earrings or simple hoops and maybe a single chain necklace. Sequins are fun but they ARE an outfit on their own. And most importantly, simple, chic, strappy heels are the way to go. You want your sequin outfit to look posh and put together with seemingly no effort. Bold shoes would be overkill. Unless it’s NYFW. Then all rules go out the door.
Do you have any fashion regrets? What are they?
Tons! From why did I wear neon, bell bottom cords my first day of high school to wishing I hadn’t sold my Louis V speedy on eBay. That would make an excellent chapter if I ever wrote a book.
Last but not least, I know you just went through a divorce. What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is just getting married?
Divorce is complicated. Marriage is complicated. Relationships are complicated. Realize that in order to be happy, you gotta do what feels right, what you want to do. Don’t listen to your friend’s opinions or your family’s advice…I mean be nice, and listen to them, obviously. But when it comes down to it, you’ll know in your heart what makes you happy. So don’t worry about everyone else’s expectations. Life is short. Makes waves.


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